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We are all about having the healthy quality sleep your body and mind deserve after a long day of stress and running around.

Company Description


Tredco is the first manufacturer of memory foam (Viscoelastic Foam) in Egypt, introducing Hypnos, the first memory foam pillow 100% Egyptian. We have created creative, different types of pillows that fits all sleepers according to their sleeping habits.

The Hypnos’s pillow features offer you the crucial support your body needs to get restful sleep all through the night.Made of viscoelastic foam, the Hypnos pillow adapts and responds to your body shape, weight, and temperature, allowing your muscles to stay relaxed no matter how much you toss and turn and on which side you sleep.Because of the Hypnos’s pillow unique angle, it fits perfectly between your shoulder and cervical spinal cord filling in the space between them, resulting in full neck support and slowly leading to a healthier spine alignment.

Allow your body two days to two weeks to get used to its healthy natural sleep posture before it fully benefits from the Hypnos pillow; that’s because a slight stretching effect on the neck and spinal column might make the change feel unusual at first.Made of material that is pressure-sensitive, Hypnos pillow easily molds to your body shape minimizing stress on your neck, shoulders, and spine.